As people are demanding high-tech, electronics-driven vehicles, demand for automotive electronics is rapidly rising. This will become even more obvious when hybrid vehicles start to run on the road these type of cars requires a lot of electronics to be used.

As more and more modern cars starts driving on the roads use of CAN, Flex-Ray, Most like automotive protocol will increase. These protocols play a major role in automotive electronics.

SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd is doing some development projects in CAN. As there is a huge potential in the automotive market in future we are trying to build more and more expertise in automotive protocol.

Some of our Important projects
Vehicle Data Logger

Type of work : - Hardware and Firmware

For a fleet owner company, it was required to monitor the Driver's habits with respect to vehicle parameters for better utilization of fuel and maintenance of vehicle. A flow sensor for fuel consumption and speed sensor were used along with Engine RPM measurement. The three inputs were given to the on board data logger unit. The unit had 6-digit 7-segment display and had features of capturing various parameters such as total distance traveled, total fuel consumed, over speeding hours, night driving hours, engine on time, engine fail time etc. The logger would save about 30 days data in its EPROM memory. A hand held data collector unit was also developed to down load the data from multiple such vehicle units and send it over to PC. Software to generate & print trip reports was also developed.