Our Vision :

We are committed to providing the best and services, by continuously improving our People, Process and Technology.

About Us :

SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd is a software development and outsourcing firm based in Bangalore-India, specializing in helping companies reduce their development costs. SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd provides a range of offshore/onsite service to the Embedded Applications, Telecom, Multimedia, Automotive, Transportations, Aerospace, Satellite, Consumer Electronics, Construction Equipments, Control Systems, Medical Electronics, Energy and Utilities, GIS, BFSI ,Web based Applications, Internet application development, Verification and Validation and database solutions. In addition, if you would like your work done by offshore development to be more competitive in pricing but without sacrificing the quality, we can help you! SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd has been providing offshore software development service for our clients, and we have accumulated extensive experience and have won customers' trust. Our firm has already successfully completed projects. We are most strong at C, C++, C#, Assembly, SAP, VC++, VB, .NET, Java, ASP, and PHP development on various platforms. Besides our experience, skills and the cost advantage, we offer friendly service, confidentiality and will be a partner you can rely on...

Our Mission :

SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd positions itself as a leading provider of software outsourcing services to Industries. Every company finds it a challenging problem to choose a reliable outsourcing partner. Companies seeking outsourcing always realize that they find the real problem solver each time SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd delivers the project on time. In the past, SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd has built its recognition among the clients. Not only has SiliconEdge Tech Solution Pvt Ltd saved significant development cost for the clients, but delivered extraordinary value-added services with its elite management and development teams.